Tuesday, November 11, 2008


So, I'm sitting at Melbourne airport, having experienced a "blonde" moment after getting through security check...I picked up my laptop but left my bag...the security gaurd laughed at me when I had to slink back to get it. But right now I feel like I'm a little entitled to feel overwhelmed and brain fried. The last two days has challenged my thinking and given me far more questions than answers.

A couple of things that jump to mind right now:

- There is a need to move away from the known and traditional. We're working in a world that is NOTHING like anything anyone has imagined before, but we're still doing what's always been done. Even those schools who stand up and say they're doing things differently, I'm not convinced they really are. I'd love for someone to show me I'm wrong on that one.

- Education is at a very important cross roads and what we decide to do will resonate (as opposed to dictate) for a long time to come. We need to make sure we get it "right".

- Leaders need to consider and define what it's going to take to redefine pedagogy and what exactly we want our teachers to "look" like. On top of that how do we deal with the soon to hit "exodus" of baby boomers? How can we make teaching an appealing and sustaining profession? How do we move away from the top down leadership model we've been using for so long?
Angela Maiers speaks about the need to consider these things more extensively in her blog, "Teachers That are Difference Makers."

- Teachers need to understand the generation they're working with. Gen Y students are not Baby Boomers in waiting as Michael McQueen points out, we've never really dealt with anything like them - how will we cope with that?

- How will we support those teachers who are getting it right? Is it just about the flash and show and the pat on the back of public recognition or is it more than that? What does it need to be?

- How will 1-to-1 change the face of education? How can we avoid the "ugly" as described by Bruce Dixon from the Anytime Anywhere Learning Federation - I've seen it in action, we're not getting this right in any way right now...how can I change the way I work in this environment to model better practice??

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