Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Far more powerful together


Today I had the pleasure of reflecting on the cyberdrama project (which is sadly coming to a close) with some of the students. They're sad it's wrapping it, just like me and we got to talking about what it is we've enjoyed most about it.

For me it's been an "easy" project. I've had to facilitate (upload/download/moderate) and remember to make the bookings and bring the equipment - really that's about it. I've had next to zero behaviour management issues to deal with (apart from the minor language slip on camera which is promptly deleted). And I believe it's because of the ownership the students had over it - they had their online space, their narrative, their characters...and importantly they had my trust.

I said that to this group of students and one said, "That's what's been really good for me. We got to be in control." Honestly, trust in these guys - they really will amaze you.


dean said...

so would you go back to instructional talk and chalk? are you worried about dropping grades? ... and collaboration to a group goal. Excellent stuff.

Nic Mobbs said...

I wouldn't go back to chalk and talk - I'm going to have more senior classes next year and my challenge will be to avoid the pressure to conform. I get a lot of "you can't do that in senior classes, the syllabus is too prescriptive." I want to prove that wrong. One of my first units for English, students to use wikis to create hypertext short stories.