Thursday, October 23, 2008

Nailing It

Whilst this week hasn't been as drama filled as last week I'm still totally snowed under and simply don't have the brain power to write much just yet. I promise I'll get on top of things over the weekend.

Three years ago I reached my first grade belt at Rhee Taekwondo (brown belt black tip), about a month later I was transfered to a small rural school and sadly couldn't continue to train. One of the firs tthings I did when we transfered this year was start back. It's been a humbling experience - wearing the belt which says you're so close to being a black belt and yet having to basically start from scratch with basic techniques and accumulation of skills. I've still got a very long way to go, but I am getting there. Tonight I was asked to break a board for the first time in three years. I wasn't convinced I'd manage it and I prepared myself to accept that my technique would need a lot more work. But - I nailed it. Smashed right through, hitting the sweet spot (centre of the board) and all.

And because of that one moment, my confidence and determination to stay the course has returned. Last week I'd begun to think maybe I wasn't ever going to get to where I need to be, now I know I can.

And this relates to learning and teaching how?

As a teacher I think it's incredibly important for us to give our students the chance to experience those "nailing it" moments. They're the things which help students to master more confidently and determination. My board reminded me of that and now (after a well earned sleep) I'll walk into my classes tomorrow hoping to give my students that same buzz somewhere along the way.

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