Saturday, October 25, 2008

What makes a "good" teacher?

The last few weeks I've been thinking a lot on what it takes to be a good teacher in my eyes. It turns out I have incredibly high standards - I justify that by holding myself to the same standards.

Here's my key diagnostic question - are the students interested, excited, and engaged?

Looking for ways to express my frustration and convey my standards to a colleague I turned to my trusty web-based resources and found a couple of slideshows on that make some excellent points. Below is the first one I'll share, it's very academic but "nails it"
What Makes A Good Teacher
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dean said...

I think being a good teacher is actually to try really hard not to be the 'expert'. Certainly to know what the goal is, but to become 'good' at steering students to come to their own conclusions. Some stuff (2+2) is very literal in getting the right answer, but where you don't need to be explicit, then don't be. To me a good teacher creates a democratic community of learners, brings questions that engage them and at the same time builds respect for the teacher and each other. I really like the slide about 'telling' kids. I stopped 'telling' ages ago, no one's ever asked me to return to it.