Saturday, March 7, 2009

Happy Undies

Hubby (gravy77 over on Twitter) has had a strategy for a while that he's graciously given me permission to share with you here.

His strategy is a way for us to cope with those days when enthusiasm and optimism are low. When the alarm goes off and you stumble to the shower in the dark and it's the familarity of the morning ritual that gets you through and ready in time. Those days when you know it's going to be hell, you've got four meetings scheduled, an inbox full and staff at your office door demanding you deal with their issues. It's for those rainy days when it's going to be a wet lunch for the fourth day in a row and the natives are restless.

Those days when we ask ourselves - why? Why did I become a teacher? Why did I volunteer to do this? Why did I bother teaching essay structure?

We all know we have those moments and we also know that when tomorrow rolls around and the alarm shatters another wonderful dream of a clean desk, clear "To Do List" and cocktails at 3pm, we'll be back in the classroom. It's what we do, we're teachers, educators, facilitators.

But how do we push through those hard days?

Hubby's strategy is simple - "It's a Happy Undies day."

On those days when our motivation is low we dig deep into the draw and find our brightest, cheekiest, most juvenile underwear. So that when little Johnny is in trouble yet again for the same old thing, when your boss is calling yet another emergency meeting, when the horriblest kid in the school has done the worst thing ever, when you know you're going to take the fall for something that wasn't your fault, you can smile to yourself knowing that under the cool, calm, professional exterior you're not conforming to the expected norm.

I've been a slow convert to this strategy but I've decided he's onto to something, how about you?

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Tanuj said...

Hi Nic,

I must say this blog is very well written; especially the way you depict your message. Amongst humour, undoubtedly there is an important learning, which could be taken out of this- as you mention those depressing days will come in our lives no matter which path we tent to take (referring to jobs, in your case - teacher). Anyhow, by finding the brightest, cheekiest, and most juvenile underwear, we are reflecting and going back in time to revisit all of our cheerful moments that we have lived through in our lives. But not only that, to able to reflect, position and think like a small child in those type situation is a rare art, but it’s the one which is most likely to bring the smile. I really like the way you have composed the last paragraph… I’m not so sure if you realise it, but you have touched upon one the topics on “habits of mind”, it certainly conveys an important messages…looking forward to reading more of your blogs.