Monday, March 16, 2009

Five minutes

I've been a bad blogger and with each passing day I've been feeling increasingly guilty. I've started multiple posts over the last week but none have been finished before a deadline demanded attention and so my poor blog has say here in cyberspace and become more and more forlorn and lonely looking.

Someone today on Twitter (sorry I can't remember who) suggested maybe those of us struggling with our blogs at the moment should just log in and write for five minutes, kind of like a brain dump. Just to help find out groove again.

I should have thought of trying something like this - it's an activity I often do with groups I'm just introducing creative writing to. Hubby and I go nuts at the start of every school year and buy a pile of cheap exercise books. For my creative writing units I give each student a writing book and at the start of every lesson I put a stimulus on the board (students can also choose to use their own) and they just write. I don't read it unless they ask me too, in fact I don't even care if they simply write "this is the dumbest exercise ever" repeatedly for the entire time - I just want them writing. Funny how after a few days they get bored with being so clever and start engaging in the activity.

My song's up, my first five minutes are conquered...and it wasn't that hard after all :)

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