Friday, January 23, 2009

Silver linings

The last three days have passed in a bit of a haze for me. I'm scrambling to adjust to the new role and so far I think I'm doing okay. It's going to take some time for me to get more confident and comfortable in the job.

That being said I've had a few positive moments throughout the three days:
  • One of my older staff members (but by no means "old"-fashioned) has again proved that a willingness to accept and adapt 21st century approaches has NOTHING to do with age. In the last three days alone she has learned how to create PDF files (not hard, but previously was something she hadn't considered), how to create wikis in our LMS, how to embed items, how to use a google calendar. I ADORE this woman for her support and eagerness to learn. She's more excited about the hypertext unit than I am!
  • A more resistant staff member has decided to give the hypertext unit a chance at least. And after expressing their initial hesitation (read distaste), came to the meeting and walked out with a much more positive vibe. There's still a ways to go for them, but they've taken a step and the rest of us will be there to share the journey.
  • I ran into a couple of last years students over lunch and one of the successes for me is that not only will they say hello - they'll stop and talk with me. This often happens with ex-students after they leave school, but these guys are just about to start Year 11. I feel very privileged to have those relationships with my students and can't wait to find out if I got lucky and get to work with them closely again this year or not.
  • I've had multiple staff approach me asking for guidance and help in their personal technology journeys - to me this indicates many things, most importantly, that people have seen what can be done and want to work towards finding their own way in the integration game.

They're not all big, bang, wonderful successes, but for me they've helped me stay positive about a very daunting situation for me and hopeful that I've had an impact on those around me. That's important for me, not having had an impact would have some how tarnished last years award and made it seem less.

Over on his blog, Fifty-Nine Minutes, Rruggles is documenting his experiences as a student teacher. I'm finding it fascinating reading and look forward to his frank and detailed reflections daily. Today he spoke about the challenge set by his mentor - "change the world."

In some small way I'm working to change the world, and the smallest shift is still a shift!


Jenny Wood said...

Well done Nic! It's good you are feeling so positive about your job and finding ways to overcome problems:)

Amy Hess said...

Isn't it neat when we feel we are accomplishing something? I am on the same journey!

Nic Mobbs said...

Thanks for the responses, Jenny and Amy! It's nice to share the positives stories - sometimes I get bogged down with the problems.

Amy, how's your journey going?