Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Gearing Up

So, this is it. The night before it begins...it's going to be a huge year.

The last couple of days we've spent a couple of hours each day at school starting to get ready - hubby's been putting together his middle school classroom and I've been working on unit outlines, task sheets, work programs...all the paperwork behind senior school.

It's really only just starting to dawn on me that as of tomorrow the holidays are over and it's back to work. Honestly, I've got mixed feelings about it. I'm nervous about the new role, I'm overwhelmed by the looming workload, I'm upset about not having certain subjects that were originally on my timetable...but at the same time I'm excited and eager to get started. But I have to wonder, am I ready? I have the necessary knowledge and willingness to learn what I don't yet have; I have the necessary equipment to get through the days (my laptop's charging, as are my phone and ipod touch - I even have pen and paper)...but is that enough? Do I have my sense of humour? My optimisim and determination? The stamina to see through an eleven week first term? Have I got enough sleep stored away that I can live on very little for the next few weeks?

There's no deep discussion about pedagogy or elearning tonight. No push at the frontier of 21st century education. Just this - how do you get ready for the beginning of a school year?


Errin said...

It's an interesting question, especially for me because it's the middle of my school year so I have a different perspective at the moment!

To prepare, I ensure I get proper sleep for a week or so before the first day. I try to spend the day or two before school starts doing something really fun with family or friends so as to end the holiday off in a special way (I don't like to work right up the very end). Mostly, I try not to stress - what needs to get done, gets done. A teacher's work is never really done anyway, so as long as I've worked hard the week before to get it all ready, I can relax and finish off the holiday on a good note.

stoneTeacher said...

OMG, I'm suddenly back in grade 11 high school 1979 thinking what if we students were able to read our teachers' reflections at this same starting point? Thanks, mobbsey - I hope that your students appreciate your forthrightness.

Nic Mobbs said...

Thanks, the past couple of days have been nuts as we hit the ground running and I try to adjust to the new (temporary) role.

Errin, you're so right about a teacher's work never being 'done'. There are times when we just have to let things go as they are and not worry too much about "perfection".

Simon, being open with students is something I truly believe in. I've no problem being no where near that sage's stage I hear so much about. I'll be setting up a in school reflection blog for my classes to see my thoughts on our work together throughout the year - hope they can cope with being asked to give me feedback :)