Tuesday, January 6, 2009


Two and a half weeks out from the first day at school for 2009 and every now and again I find myself considering the plans for the year. It feels kind of strange to only be planning for two classes and worrying more about the staff side of things - I keep feeling that I've forgotten something.

As thoughts churn over in my head I'm starting to consolidate a few ideas. So, some of the tools I plan to use from day one this year:

Diigo - the more I play with this tool, the more I enjoy it and I find it frustrating when my colleagues do not use it. It seems so...redundant to Diigo it and then have to copy and paste the link into an email for them.

Netvibes - this one looks like a great way to collate information for different topics from across the web, lots of potential for the classroom and working with staff.

Jog The Web - One of the units I start the year with is a media unit (similar to the one I ended the year with in 2008) and one of the activities I'd like to do is create a track tracing how a global issue is reported across the globe so we can look at the similarities and differences it is reported from different perspectives.

I know I mentioned these three breifly last post, but the details are starting to flesh out and I wanted to share. Any other ideas I'm more to happy to hear them!

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