Thursday, December 11, 2008

On the edge

It's been a big year and as tomorrow is the last day of the 2008 school year for my system it seems a good time to reflect on what has been achieved and what opportunities are opening.

Hubby and I moved schools at the start of this year, as I've blogged about before, and honestly when I first arrived our new school intimidated me - it's at least twice the student population of our last placement, it's brand new, and it's determined to be the best.

Surprisingly I didn't die as I predicted when hubby and I did our first drive by scope of the place. Instead this school has been amazing for both of us professionally, we seem to have found our feet and we've both experienced major professional growth here. I've been lucky enough to have found leaders who have trusted me enough to follow my passion for eLearning and believed in my abilities to do what's best for the students - not just something that looks good.

Without the leadership and support of these people I would never have:

  • nominated for the Smart Classroom Awards (and been counted as one of the 12 winners from across the state)
  • gained my ICT Pedagogical License
  • established online learning spaces in all of my subject areas and in both our senior and middle schools
  • began speaking and running workshops
  • applied for an acting position
  • began buying and reading educational textbooks - and actually enjoying them!

It's been a big year professionally for me...and admittedly there have been moments when I wasn't sure I was going to make it - gosh I'm glad I have though! What a wonderful ride!

And now as we wrap up for 2008 we're beginning to look to 2009 and wondering just what may lay in store for us then...especially because for the first six months I'll be taking on a very different role within the school, temporarily replacing someone who is stepping up to another role.

I never thought I'd end my year on this note. I'm scared, nervous, excited and rearing to have a go...really I'm ending the year standing on the edge of a cliff. Will I fly or flounder? I guess 2009 and reveal all.

Edge of cliff

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Anonymous said...

Well done on an excellent year Nic. Im positive it will be an even better one for you in 2009