Friday, November 7, 2008

Time Out

There are days and weeks when our long drive to anywhere frustrates me. It's 20 minutes from home to the shops so it's not a good thing if I forget to get milk on the way home from work. And admittedly there have been times in the last week when I've hated the drive.

There's something about a week that has crammed in a four hour professional development meeting, a social get together with a twitter buddy, another meeting which I'll talk about more another time (need to process some more), a pre-service teacher, a guest speaker, a tragedy within the school community, classes as usual, taekwondo...and a husband and a cat...that will do that too me.

Tonight I've just realised (since I didn't have time to consider this until now) that we're getting up mega early on Sunday so that I can fly to Melbourne and that it'll be a late night on Tuesday for hubby to come pick me up and bring me home in time to work on Wednesday. And I still need to write my supervisions for the two days I'm away, figure out what to take and get my head space sorted and ready.

Honestly, it's a good thing to come home to the above view, I'd go insane otherwise! Okay, so my incredibly patient husband also plays a part in keeping me sane...sometimes ;)

You know what though, I may sometimes question my sanity in placing these pressures on myself - but I never consider easing off the work I do for students. They deserve the best I can offer, and I'm never happy with anything less.

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