Saturday, November 8, 2008


Tomorrow morning hubby is again ensuring I know how lucky I am by driving me to the airport to catch an early flight to Melbourne for the 21st Century Learning Conference.

Mini suitcase

My laptop bag is packed (power cable - check, webcam (just in case) - check, headset (just in case) - check, hard drive - check, back up USB - check, laptop - check...marking - sadly, check), my clothing bag is about to be packed (carry on only so I'm not too worried), my supervisions are ready to go and I'm emailing them as I type...those are the easy parts of being away for this amazing conference I've been drooling over for months.

Other things I've had to consider:
- triple check that I did indeed book a room with broadband access...sadly this is very important to me these days...since I'm not allowed to get a portable internet account
- ensure my utterli account is switched to Melbourne details so I can mobile blog as necessary
- set up a live blog at
coveritlive...just in case...I want to give it a go but I'm worried...what if people think I'm being rude, or what if the venue doesn't have net access (there are times when I'm too shy).
- charging ipod (essential!)

Ok, so I know my preparations are sufficient...why am I feeling like I've forgotten something?


loonyhiker said...

We are getting ready to go on a few cruises and I have a lot of the same concerns. I will be paying for internet access aboard the ship but I can't let my addiction interfere with our fun on the cruise. I usually get up at 5am which is 2 hours before my hubby wakes up so that should give me enough time to play!

Nic Mobbs said...

Pat, I do the same thing! I get up early to get things much more productive when hubby's not lurking :)