Friday, October 10, 2008

The Horizon

I had to answer a question today that I found really hard: "What's on the horizon (digital pedagogy-wise) for you?"

I'm not the kind of person to plan very far ahead (much to the frustration of my husband - who loves his five year plans) and questions about the future tend to get one of two automated responses from me - sheer panic or a completely blank stare. I am quite happy to go along day to day, week to week, and so on - somehow that's always worked out for me before now.

Right now (as I'm sure you've deduced) I'm deep in the cyberdrama project and have no idea where I'll go after this - given that two months ago I didn't think I'd be doing a project anything like this I have no idea! If I'm given the responsibility of taking a Year 11 Drama class next year will I fall into the trap of "In Senior we're too limited to do cool projects like that"? Goodness I hope not.

After trying all year to get my Drama and English colleagues online and using their space I've had very limited success - so will I give up and just let them win? Again, I hope not, but what can I do in the future to help this happen?

I wonder, will all my ideas just suddenly dry up one day? What a terrifying idea.

The truth is that I have no firm plans for my next project just yet. I'm just finishing getting through today for now. I'm sure I'll come up with something...I usually do!

Somehow, I don't think that's the sort of answer this person was after.

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