Saturday, September 13, 2008

The Power of Connections

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Sometimes all it takes for things to click is soemthing, which at the time, seems mundane and everyday. But, the power of that single moment of connectin though is seen in how far reaching it's chain of reaction spreads.

Part of my journey towards a classroom embedded with meaningful and enriching ICTs is looking for those connections which will affect me, my colleagues, my students and all those around us. It's not always an easy journey, there are certainly times when I want to give up (it's too hard, the roadblocks are unmanagable, what's the point) and there are definite moments of triumph (generally I get funny looks as I bounce through the staffroom going, "Look, they blogged!).

I've been keeping a porfessional blog all year within my department network. My own experiment I suppose - getting into the habit of blogging and reflecting on what it is I do. Recently, I've been branching out and blogging the Classroom20 Ning group. And I think it's time to further consolidate my growing online presence with some sort of centralised port. That's what I'd like this blog to become.

Undoubtedly that's going to mean that at times the blog entries may be disjointed - being fed from different sources and the like, but that's what this one's all about - making connections!

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