Sunday, September 14, 2008

Desparetly Seeking...

Image by Chris Owens ( - made available under a
CC License, some rights reserved.

...a Mentor.

The successful applicant will:

  • provide a sounding board for hair brained ideas (preferrably interjecting with thought provoking questions and references to solid evidence/research/policy)

  • provide encouragement and acknowledgement (and commiseration when everything goes pear shape)

  • provide suggestions/ideas/challenges to help me focus on the future possibilities/potential/what ifs

  • Be approachable (online connections more than welcome - Skype/msn/email/blog - all acceptable)

I'm feeling significantly at a loss lately about ways I can move forward from this spot in my eLearning journey. How do I help staff on a scale bigger than my own classroom? How can I contribute to the school's eLearning directions?

The frustrating thing is I feel like I'm putting my hand out asking to be involved and not really getting what I need...partly because I don't know exactly what I need...except someone to talk to me about it...grrrr....why is that so hard to find?

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