Friday, June 18, 2010

Narrowing Focus

One of the hardest thing about not just being a classroom teacher for me has been that by having to look at things more broadly I feel as though my pedagogical lense has narrowed.

That seems contradictary to me. And, admittedly that doesn't always sit well with me (but then, I have guilt issues).

I'm struggling with this at the moment - a lot. I desparately want to get more creative with my teaching again - I want to hand responsibility back to my students and I want to play more! Play with ipods, play with wikis, play with blogs... But I feel pressured and trapped and that my focus has been forced away from these things - the things I love about my job.

That, I suppose, is the real reason behind my neglect of my blog, and the RSS feed of blogs, and how far behind I am in listening to "Teacher2.0"... Obviously, I'm not all that happy with the current situation.

I'm looking to change this situation as of day one next term. I've got two senior English classes starting exciting units (Hypertexts - Mach 2 and Reimagining Shakespeare (Hamlet )) and I have bigger plans with more inspiration than I've felt all year.

Here's hoping things are changing!


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