Thursday, July 16, 2009

Zero to Full Speed

As the first week of Term 3 draws to a close I've spent today taking a breath, sitting back to gather my thoughts and preparing for what is always one of our busiest, most intense terms. There's a few challenges ahead of me at the moment:
  • Staying focused/ procrastinate less: I am BAD at this. I am easily distracted from the many, many 'To Do' lists I write. Something catches my attention and my focus narrows in on it regardless of its level of importance or priority position on the list. I need to stop this from 'bumping' things that really shouldn't be made to wait. It's an old habit and I'm working on it.
  • Find a balance between HOD and being a teacher: This is something I've been told by other HODs it isn't unusual to struggle with. My planning for and implementation of activities with my classes has taken more of a back seat this year, not something Little Miss Overachiever (that's me) is enjoying.
  • Managing people: I'm new to this job of leading and managing a team of people and it's causing some fun little revelations. Avoiding conflict has long been a personal weakness of mine and in my current role avoiding difficult situations because of a dislike of even perceived conflict tends to do more harm than good. I'm getting better at dealing with situations that arise as I become more confident in the job, but this is still something I need to develop.
Now, to just find time...

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