Friday, June 12, 2009

#DPLA - Getting Started

I've shared here before about joining the community to begin the next phase of my digital pedagogy journey and attaining my Digital Pedagogical Licence (Advanced) from the Smart Classrooms Framework.

We had our first teleconference on Wednesday night and I've made contact with my assigned learning partners. The community seems to be rolling along and interactions through the course spaces and the twitter backchannel are happening pretty easily. I'll be happier when we get to webconference and I can see the people I'm talking too in real time - I found it frustrating not to put faces to voices during the teleconference.

I'm excited by the range of people I'm working with in the course - everything from prep teachers through to senior teachers and people not presently working in the classroom. So many different points of view, different experiences and areas of expertise! There's no way any of us are coing out of this without learning something new.

I'm slightly daunted by some of the expectations for our portfolios and the evidence we will need to show in order to meet the indicators for the #DPLA, but it's nice to be challenged. I've already had to reassess some upcoming units against the indicators and see how I can _meaningfully_ adjust some of my planned activities. I don't want to do something purely to force fit my practice with the indicators - and I certainly won't be forcing students to work digitally if it doesn't work for their learning style (in my opinion that goes against what we're trying to achieve with moves towards a 21st century education framework), but there are opportunities I'd glossed over - probably because I'm time poor at the moment...not that that's a good excuse if I'm looking at it from best for my students.

I've had an intense couple of weeks and I'm afraid some of my frustrations are showing in the #DPLA at the moment. I'm honestly not that negative all the time, #DPLA crew - and I'm doing something to adjust my attitude right now.

Right now though, I'm taking a night a degree. I'm going to stay with a friend for the night so am happily walking away from the temptation of the marking pile, the virtual learning spaces that need updating, the reports that need writing, the blogs to read, the tweets to write. I am not disconnecting entirely though (surprise surprise) my ipod is fired up with the BBC production of Hamlet, I'm taking my elearning brain along because I'm being fed and housed in exchange for some ideas and basics and I'm sure I'll sneak a tweet or two from my phone ;)

A night away, a day of taekwondo tomorrow and I think I'll be in a much better frame of mind to tackle that workload and face the #DPLA with a more positive attitude.

Bring it.

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