Monday, December 8, 2008

Planning for 21st Century

Through my Twitter network tonight I stumbled upon yet another blog of high interest for me. Shanetechteach over at My Journey with Digital Pedagogy works in the same system as me and it turns out he's one of the Advanced Pedagogical License holders (I achieved License level June this year) - so he's definitely one I'll be watching keenly from now on :)

A few days ago now (it's been reporting time...I'm behind on my twittering and blogging...four days till holidays...) he posted about the ways we plan and measure digital learning here. He points his readers to a fabulous wikispace looking at Blooms Taxonomy as revised for the 21st century. While this isn't the first time I've come across this wiki, or the concept of a Revised Taxonomy, it was a less than gentle reminder to "stay the course" with moving things beyond where they are currently with my teaching and staff.

Over the last few days I've started mapping out the Blackboards and online spaces for next year's classes and have been considering just what Shane asks - how do I plan it so that the ICT is completely embedded, especially when some staff are still resistant (afterall I got handed resources for one of my classes next year - NOTHING is digitised and I can't find anything on the network either...I'm scared about where to start with that one to be honest). Thanks to Shane's post ringing some bells in my mind there are a number of tools that spring to mind now to consider as I plan.
  1. Blooms Taxonomy Revised
  2. An analysis of the essential 21st Century Skills
  3. and this great image I came across through my blog surfing a few weeks ago:
Thanks, Shane for making me think a bit more about this and connect some of the dots that have been eluding me all week!

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