Friday, November 14, 2008

Podcasting Futures...

Two of the podcasting classes started their recording today - and I must say, I'm happy with the outcomes so far. And even before the files finish saving I'm thinking of the ways to extend these students who have loved this idea so much and ways to use podcasting in my classes more extensively next year.

First of all, I'm now going to have each pair source a short piece of music through Creative Commons and use Audacity to put together a title soundbite for their podcasts (is there some technical term for this?)

And some of my big ideas for next year:
  • A weekly podcast discussion of content and topics we're looking at in class each week. I'm thinking of this especially for my senior English and History (fingers crossed) classes. I'm hoping to use it as a discussion starter, a way to deliver the content and free up some face-to-face time for other things.
  • Student podcasting assignments for feedback and review, but also to publishing.
  • Development of games/flashcards for iPods to help students learn terminology.

I'm sure there's plenty more things for me to consider doing with podcasting next year - what have I overlooked?


Rodd Lucier said...

In addition to introducing your students to Creative Commons content, will you be teaching your students how to add similar licenses to their own work?

Nic Mobbs said...

Great idea - will work it in! Thanks, Rodd.