Saturday, November 29, 2008

More than pretty cloud

Wordle was introduced to me about six months by a colleague at about the same time she was introducing this very simple tool to the rest of our staff. We isntantly took to it, loving the visual representation of chunks of text it offered.

As the year has gone on my students and I have used Wordle to create title pages, visualisations of essays, as a way to pick out the key words from text and to identify words we may be over using in our writing. As part of Teach42's 30 Days to Being a Better Blogger I put my RSS feed through Wordle and came up with this:
I was quite pleased to see that creative, flexible, future, change and education all rated highly. I found it interesting that 'teachers' rated higher than 'students', but then in reflection I think that's fair. More and more I find myself thinking about the role of teachers and working to support other teachers in their ICT journeys.

An interesting activity really and quite a revealing one about my focus recently.

Wordle - helping me make the connections ;)


Bonnie said...

I, too, recently discovered Wordle and love it!
Thanks for sharing your ideas for using it — to identify overused words in our writing and to highlight key words in text. I also "wordled" my blog—great fun and very insightful.

Nic Mobbs said...

Thanks for the comment, Bonnie! I sometimes think we get too caught up in the 'prettiness' of Wordle and forget that it has more to offer us than that :)

JK said...
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JK said...

So when you wordle your blog* are the biggest words the most used? If so I need to improve my vocabulary!

*never thought I'd use that phrase!