Wednesday, November 5, 2008


This afternoon I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to meet with Simon Brown for coffee and a chat. I first made contact with Simon through Twitter actually, I can't remember who started following who (although I strongly suspect it was me as I continue to try and build a larger network) but I do remember two significant moments:

The first was him introducing me to friendfeed...and me audibly groaning at the idea of yet _another_ tool to keep track of (at the same time as I registered of course).

And the second was when Sue Waters introduced me to targeted tweets by teasing Simon about neglecting twitter for various other micro blogging services.

Making the initial contact with Simon online has been really important in my online expansion (for want of a better term). Through him I've become a member of the OZ/NZ Educators group, eagerly look forward to the weekly flash meeting and am loving the chance to get to know some many more wonderful educators!

So, to stop the rambling - it was great to meet face to face, chat and share stories and I can't wait to get the chance to do so again!


Sue Waters said...

Simon is such a lovely person and has done so much to support me during the time I've known him. I've gained so much from interacting with him.

But I have to say teasing him on Twitter was fun and it did get his attention (thankfully).

Nic Mobbs said...

Thanks, Sue. Wouldn't have the chance to interact with him the way I have if not for you. And did you know he hasn't been using a desktop Twitter tool?

I know getting Twhirl was what made Twitter click for me.

Sue Waters said...

Well I'm glad I was of assistance -- cause Simon is lovely. However I can't believe he isn't using a desktop application. Using the desktop application is what made Twitter click for me.

Nic Mobbs said...

Sue, my apologies that I hadn't linked your name in this post...I just realised! Rectified now!