Friday, October 3, 2008


Today I had three pretty cool things happen, and in the interest of making a shorter blog entry (simply for variety), I figured I'd share.

1) YAY! My first ever blog comment! Thanks KGJAMES :)

2) My name on a conference flyer. I was asked a month or so ago if I'd speak at the Queensland Studies Authority's conference on Senior Schooling in 2009 and got the flyer in my inbox today. It's still all very surreal, this idea of me speaking at a conference...or me even having something worth talking about. Which is why I was poked on Twitter till I confessed the whole deal and reason for the speaking invite.

I'm speaking about the importance of teachers to integrate eLearning strategies and components into their senior courses in order to provide the best opportunities for our students...and I really do need to start working on that presentation soon.

3) I was kicked out of the house for some alone time and really enjoyed my time at a nearby cafe reading and knitting quietly in the corner...although I have a confession...I did check my email on my phone...twice...

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