Monday, October 27, 2008

The Next Evolution

Okay, so an email found it's way into my inbox today that had me litereally squeal, drool and demand one of my very own all at once.

It was a link to this article: YouTube Users Create Games Through Video

Basically, someone somewhere (who is now in the running to become my new person idol) has invented a way to use the annotation feature on YouTube vids to create a "pick-a-path" adventure video game. At the moment it appears to be very popular in Spanish speaking countries, but not a great deal happening in English yet. Still the idea is very very cool. Below is the embedded start point video - please note the "pick-a-path" links won't work in this, to play with that feature you'll need to go to the YouTube site (

Guess what I'm doing with the cyberdrama unit next year?

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