Thursday, October 30, 2008

It's Official

Whilst in the process of completing my nomination for the 2008 Smart Classroom Teaching awards I figured I should probably also complete the paperwork in order to apply for my ICT Pedegogical Licence.

The paperwork itself was fairly simply - what proved difficult was compiling my digital portfolio. I had to select THREE items which I felt showed my use of ICTs - that in itself was hard because my integration of ICTs is just something I do, I've never just done it to tick boxes, and isolating what I do in order to analyse it was actually difficult. Writing it all up so that someone else would be able to understand it...drove me insane!

Anyway, during the Awards ceremony and workshops I am fairly certain I was the only one who hadn't yet been approved for their licence - it was at that point I started to worry...afterall, how embarrassing would it have been to win the award and then fail my licence application!

Two weeks ago I checked the accesses to my digitial portfolio and freaked when I saw that two moderators had been sussing it out. My local ICT mentor scoffed and told me I had nothing to worry about. Turns out she was right, I got an email today informing me I'd been accepted and with some feedback.

For the main part the feedback was great, glowing in fact, but two things kind of irked me. Apparently I need to broaden my use of ICTs...given that at the moment I'm feeling held back by the department policies and the restrictions of these policies are blocking some of my more out there ideas, I'm not sure what the moderators meant by this. I'm working within the department's walled garden and incorporating outside web2.0 applications as I can, but there's so much I feel I can't do without risking a knuckle wrap - I'm using:
  • wikis
  • blogs
  • discussion boards
  • the department's multimedia rooms
  • online tests/quizzes
  • online applications such as nota, del.ic.ious, ask500people

What more can I do and stay within guidelines (all work hosted on department servers, only accessible by approved people, controlled/managed by teacher)? I'm really confused by that one.

At the end of the day though, my application was successful and I've got to be happy with that. :)

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