Tuesday, September 16, 2008


As a teacher sometimes it's the small things that help us keep going.

For me, in amongst a week were I'm feeling incredibly under pressure, a pick me up came from a strange place.

I teach two extreme levels of English - the highest and the lowest within the same year level. I knew the highest class would have no issues with our study of "Romeo and Juliet", but I was dreading getting 17 15 year old reluctant boys to read ANY of the play, let alone rewrite it and perform it.

It's been hard work, and a lot of lessons I've walked out wanting a good stiff drink, but today I was more than pleasantly surprised when they did their first readings for the group. Their translations were good, they'd thought about how to represent their characters - there were even costumes and props.

It's little moments like that when the continual fight seems worth it.

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